MPB's laboratory and research and development staff is always looking for innovative and optimized solutions to satisfy the ever-growing need for measurements while adapting to new and constantly changing regulations. The new measuring instruments designed to solve daily problems in the measurement sector.

Through an expert technical team, MPB manages the entire life cycle of the project from idea to production, guaranteeing high quality standards and innovation. Customer support and over 25 years of knowledge of the market allow us to have an in-depth understanding of the needs of professionals in the field of electromagnetic field and radio frequency measurements.

The development of a new project arises from the analysis of the market which defines a need that we must meet with technologically advanced and innovative solutions. The MPB design procedure is divided into several phases:

Electronic design

Using the "Altium" electronic design software, our designers define the electrical operating diagram and create the printed circuit.

Mechanical design

The mechanics are designed and the design of the instrument is defined using the “3D PTC Creo” modeling software. Every single part of the instrument is created, from the electronic board to the single mechanical component, and then its assembly/disassembly is simulated in order to best optimize every single step in the production and subsequent calibration/repair cycles


Additive manufacturing allows us to internally create shells, supports, small mechanical parts and battery housings. We create everything that is modeled in 3D for the validation of the mechanical project and its integration with the electronics

Test and adjustment

The last phase is the testing phase. The instrument is calibrated in our laboratories. Thermal and stress tests are carried out to guarantee perfect functioning

Simulation and mathematical models

When complexity in the design requires advanced simulation, a further development phase is implemented to create mathematical simulation models. For example, we study the propagation of the static magnetic field, the mechanical deformation in crash tests and in cycles with strong thermal excursions, the behavior of an RF and MW signal within an electronic circuit. For these calculations we use CST, Ansys, Matlab, Mathematica and other advanced simulation programs according to specific needs;

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