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MPB has been active in the sector of electromagnetic fields and radio frequency testing since 1997. We design and manufacture high-tech products: wideband and selective EMF field meters, electromagnetic shielding measuring instruments, personal protective equipment and antennas.


Customer service is our "flagship": providing solutions within 24 hours for a fee and free of charge within 5 days of reporting.


Update the software and firmware of your products. The most up-to-date version will allow you to get the maximum potential from your instrumentation. Check periodically for new releases to update.


Our Training Division enables you to stay up-to-date with the latest current regulations, and make the most of the latest measurement technologies.


Warranty on new MPB product can be extended beyond the standard 24 months through customized solutions.


Do you need to make a single measurement? Do you want to evaluate the instrumentation before purchasing it? MPB's rental offer may be the best solution! If you decide to purchase the instrument within 2 months of the first day of rental, you will receive a discount equal to 50% of the cost incurred for the rental period.


Our R&D division is always looking for innovative solutions to optimize and solve daily problems in the field of electromagnetic measurements and radio frequency testing.


We repair a wide range of electronic instruments: from RF and MW to EMC test systems. All repairs of electronic equipment are carried out with original and new spare parts. Measurement equipment, after repair, is subjected to test cycles of not less than 24 hours.


The "MPB Replacement" option provides a replacement instrument for the duration of the calibration.


Calibration is the check that is performed on an electronic instrument to verify that its technical specifications reflect the manufacturer's original specifications.

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