MPB supplies Field Meters, RF Measurement Products and Test Tools worldwide. Check which is the nearest authorized dealer or contact us directly for more information.MPB in Europa

Austria - Germany


GmbH Buschgrundstr. 33 45894 Gelsenkirchen Germany

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Belgio - Luxemburg - Holland

HF Technology

Samsonweg 78 1521 RM WormerveerThe Netherlands

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Toyo Medic CO.LTD

2-13 Higashigoken-cho Shinjuku-ku TOKYO 162-0813

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MPB srl

Via Giacomo Peroni 400/402
00131 Roma (RM)
Tel: +39 0641200744
Fax: +39 0641200653
P.IVA: 05415291003
Pec: mpb_srl@pec.it

Company info

C.F. and Registration number in the company register of the Court of Rome: 05415291003
Share capital euros 100.000,00 Int. vers.
REA 887876


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